Tom Bowman CPA, PC

Nearly $100K Increase In Annual Recurring Fees

After completing a well-received conference in Baltimore with 100 PASBA accountants visiting in his office, Tom reached out to tell Chuck about phenomenal results and powerful influence their coaching sessions has had on his career.

“I mentioned you as someone that had a great influence on my life, practice, and my sales and marketing processes and results.”

As a result of his sessions with Chuck, Tom was able to build and refine a system that he can easily transition to other staff members as well as revolutionize his entire process… and his life!

Since starting his training sessions with Chuck Bauer, Tom has achieved:

  • Increased Closing Rates By 28%
  • Refined His Sales Presentation
  • Created a Sales & Marketing System
  • Started A Delegation Program
  • Increased Professional Productivity
  • Was Inspired to Seek Out a Nutritionist
  • Gained More Personal Time

Tom has also seen an amazing...

$ 0 K
Increase In Annual Recurring Fees

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Stay inspired! Grab a PDF copy of this inspiring material. Print it out hang it on your inspiration wall. It will continue to keep you (as well as your associates) on track to success.


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